Carrie Pine Wechsler, Center Director

Carrie has been teaching the Music Together program for over 15 years, first in Fairfield County, and then in Hartford County. In 2016, she became the owner and director of Harmony Village LLC, offering Music Together classes in Wethersfield and South Glastonbury.

ABOUT CARRIE: Music has always been a source of passion and joy for Carrie. She is a professional actor and singer, and has performed in New York, London, Los Angeles and throughout the U.S. Additionally, she has written and recorded jingles for radio commercials. She is a true lover of harmonies, having sung in an all-women's a cappella group in college (think "Pitch Perfect!") and in NYC.

Carrie has worked with children of all ages for much of her career. As a performer, she toured the United States in a children's theatre adaptation of the classic children's book The Poky Little Puppy for which she also wrote the book and music. From directing children's theatre, to costume character gigs (she once played Peter Cottontail, the Easter Bunny, at the White House!) to birthday party entertainment, she has always loved helping children discover their own musical and creative voice.

Carrie's first love is musical theatre, and you'll often hear tunes from her favorite shows interspersed in class. As an actor, Carrie continues to perform regionally, most often with Connecticut's Theatre Artists Workshop. As a singer and keyboard player, she is a founding member of  The Band Ned, which performs throughout New England.  Most recently, Carrie co-directed an adaptation of The Wizard of Oz at Buttonball Lane School in Glastonbury, where she penned all-new music, including the rousing Munchkin Rap! 

Carrie achieved Music Together Certification 1 status in Spring 2010. She plays piano, flute, a bit of guitar, the occasional ukulele (usually in class!) and a smidgen of harmonica. She loves learning to play new instruments and warmly encourages her families to bring instruments to class. She is a native of the Boston area, a graduate of Boston University, and a proud union member of Actors Equity Association.

Carrie discovered the Music Together program after moving to Connecticut from NYC with her growing family. She is the proud mother of three singing and dancing children - two boys and a girl. Most evenings around 5 PM, you can catch her trying to turn the "witching hours" of the day into "happy hours" by jamming out to music while she cooks dinner for her ever-busy kiddos - usually she can convince them to join in.

MUSIC TOGETHER CLASSES: Carrie's favorite moments in class are watching children connect with their parents or caregivers through music. When children first match a pitch in class, or share something musical they've discovered at home - these are such exciting moments for everyone. Her classes are truly communities where all participants support each other. She especially loves when a grown-up or child jumps in with a pitch, a beat, or even an improvised lyric, and the look of amazement from both caregiver and child!  This is music development in action...and Carrie considers it a privilege to be a part of this incredibly special time in a child (and family's) life.  

HARMONY VILLAGE LLC: Carrie has always loved the well-known phrase "It takes a village to raise a child." She is a firm believer of the power of a positive community to nurture and teach every child.  Harmony Village strives to offer classes that focus on community support. Future classes and workshops will include theatre classes such as Improvisation, Audition Coaching, and Character Play, as well as additional music classes for children of all ages and their families. All classes will stress a safe, non-judgemental, village-like atmosphere where young artists can experiment and learn alongside both peer and instructor support.


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Carrie Wechsler